FAQs about Around OC and more


Q: When did Around OC start?
A: Officially in 2006 although it wasn't published until 2019

Q: What makes Around OC different from other entertainment sites?
A: We are attuned to Orange County California specifically. But more importantly you can find out about all kinds of entertainment in one place unlike most sites.

Q: How often is Around OC updated?
A: We'd like to say "weekly" but we try to update more often with things that change quickly and sometimes once a month for things that don't.

Q: Do you publish events?
A: Yes. If there is a public event that the general public or even special groups are invited to then we'd like to hear about it and mention it here.

Q: Does Around OC take advertisers?
A: Someone's got to pay the bills so yes we do. Please contact Cecilia Furey for rates and listings.